Sponsoring Altar Flowers at
Christ Episcopal Church, Mexia

505 E. Commerce
Mexia Texas 76667-4125

Flowers for the Altar are often given to mark or honor special life events such as birth and birthdays; anniversary of a wedding, baptism, or confirmation; memory of a loved one; graduation or other achievements and milestones; or thanksgiving for one of life’s blessings.

To sponsor flowers for the Altar, sign the Altar Flower Calendar in the Parish Hall for your specified date or send an email to Altar Flowers Information. If more than one request is made for the same date, the sponsors may either share the date or select a date that is close by. Flowers are typically used for two Sunday services.

The donation for sponsoring Altar flowers for a specific Sunday is $50.00. You may sponsor more than one Sunday during the year. These honorariums, remembrances, and thanksgivings will be acknowledged in the Sunday bulletin and on the Church's website. Requests to sponsor flowers should be made no later than one week prior to your Sunday dedication. Verify that the Altar Guild has received your request. Place your payment in the offertory plate, give it to the church treasurer, or mail a check to the church at 505 E Commerce, Mexia TX 76667-4125. Flowers will be ordered upon receipt of payment. Please note on the check that it is for Altar flowers. All donations are tax-deductible.

Flowers for Christmas and Easter services are provided through open donations from Parishioners as a whole. Donation forms for these occasions will be provided several weeks prior to these celebrations. Flowers are not placed at the Altar during Lent (Mar 1 – Apr 5, 2017).

Thank you for your consideration of the gift of flowers for the Altar and to the Glory of God.

Reserved Sundays for Altar Flowers
Reserved Sundays for Altar Flowers
 March August
 April September
2Lent3Ben & Peggy
23 24 
 May October
7 1Stacey & Carlos
14 8 
21 15Sandy
28Harvey & Ann22 
 June November
4 5 
11 12Bruce & Mary Lou
18 19 
25 26 
 July December
2 3 
9 10Keith
16 17 
23Ben & Peggy24Bert
30 31 

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