Altar Servers’ Schedule

Date Service Crucifer Acolyte Oblationers Lector Altar Guild Chalice Bearer Officiant Assisting Officiant Event
6/23/2024 MP I Blaize Ellis Alan & Pam Dolezal Milinda Ellis Staci Fleming - - - Brett Fewell Alan Dolezal - - -
6/30/2024 MP I Reese Fleming Blaize Ellis Brett & Wanda Fewell Wanda Fewell Norma Thronburg - - - Alan Dolezal Richard O'Dell - - -
7/07/224 MP I Blaize Ellis Monte & Amy Fleming Jodie Maki Norma Thronburg - - - - - - Keith Turchi - - -
7/14/2024 MP I Blaize Ellis Reese Fleming Brandon & Staci Fleming Linda Anders Wanda Fewell - - - Alan Dolezal Norma Thronburg - - -
7/21/2024 HE II Reese Fleming Blaize Ellis Eric & Jodie Maki Pam Dolezal Wanda Fewell Keith Turchi Rev. Kara Leslie - - - Rite of Baptism
7/30/2024 MP I Blaize Ellis Reese Fleming Burt Williams Milinda Ellis Amy Fleming - - - Brett Fewell Alan Dolezal - - -

If you are scheduled to serve but are unable to be present, please contact another server and arrange for a substitute and then notify the webmaster. Please DO NOT swap with someone else. Just have someone sub for you. When you try to swap, it creates problems with the calendar of servers after that. Thank you.

Altar Servers



Amy and Monte Fleming
Brett and Wanda Fewell
Burt Williams
Jodie and Eric Maki
Alan & Pam Dolezal
Staci and Brandon Fleming

Chalice Bearers