Leadership at Christ Episcopal Church

Altar of Christ Church surrounded by lilies preparing for Easter service.

The Bishop's Committee Christ Episcopal Church, Mexia

The Bishop’s Committee is composed of the Senior and Junior Wardens and three committee members. It provides administrative and pastoral direction to the members (clergy and laity) of Christ Episcopal Church, Mexia. Its duties are to act in accordance with a majority of members’ best interests on the following church issues:

  • Establishing and prioritizing authorized external and internal parish ministries.
  • Approval of regular budgets and plans.
  • Taking care of parish buildings.
  • Choosing individuals to fill parish leadership positions.

The Bishop’s Committee meets on the third Sunday of each month in the Parish Hall immediately after the morning worship service. Special meetings may be called at any time to deal with special issues. Meetings are open to the public, and members are encouraged to attend. Agenda items should be submitted to the Senior Warden no later than one week prior to the meeting at which they are to be discussed. Any church member may ask any committee member to speak on their behalf or on behalf of a proposal they wish to forward.

Bishop's Committee Leadership

Bishop's (Senior) Warden

Richard O'Dell (richardo@christchurchmexia.org)

Senior warden responsibilities in an Episcopal parish will vary by parish. His duties depend on his congregation’s traditions and culture, the rector’s personality and leadership style, and what the warden’s community requires. Common across all parishes is a warden’s responsibility to ensure worship services continue if the rector or parish priest is absent or unable to perform his duties. Despite a senior warden's collaborative relationship with a parish rector, he also acts as an advisor. The senior warden can share with the rector issues or concerns that members of the congregation may face. Senior wardens are not appointed to simply “rubber-stamp” a rector’s plans or decisions. Again, the duties of a churchwarden depend on the parish where the senior warden serves: He may keep registries of baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and burials. Some parishes ask their senior wardens to oversee all legal and financial matters that arise, such as determining compensation and managing the parish’s discretionary fund. They may also suggest different investment vehicles for the parish. Senior wardens may also work alongside junior wardens and manage parish property.

Richard O'Dell
Brett Fewell

People's (Junior) Warden

Brett Fewell (brettf@christchurchmexia.org)

The Junior Warden is the second lay leader in an Episcopal or Anglican church. He is traditionally responsible for the building and maintenance and is also an assistant to the Senior Warden. The Junior Warden attends monthly vestry meetings. The Junior Warden assists the Rector and Senior Warden in helping the vestry identify the congregation's mission and goals. He sets a tone of positive leadership and model of Life in Christ and seeks positive solutions to conflict and problems. He helps newcomers get connected to existing groups. If his congregation considers the Junior Warden responsible for the building, he needs to follow a routine maintenance schedule throughout the year. He oversees the annual safety checks and reviews insurance needs annually with the treasurer and an insurance agent. The junior warden prays daily for the clergy, staff, and fellow members of the congregation. He nurtures his own prayer life and walks daily with Christ.

Committee Clerk

Amy Fleming (amyf@christchurchmexia.org)

 The clerk may or may not be a vestry member. The clerk and the parish administrator are responsible for keeping minutes of vestry meetings and parish meetings, for correspondence related to vestry business, and for maintaining vestry records.

Amy Fleming, Clerk of the Bishop's Committee

Bishop's Committee Members

Additional Staff and Volunteers Christ Episcopal Church, Mexia

Keith Turchi Church Treasurer keitht@christchurchmexia.org
Linda Anders Choir Director lindaa@christchurchmexia.org
Wanda Fewell Altar Guild Chair wandaf@christchurchmexia.org